Saturday, 27 September 2014

Rapist Who Imprisoned Woman In Her Own Home Gets 14 Years

A rapist, who held a woman hostage in her own home and repeatedly attacked her, has been jailed for fourteen years.
Patrick Healy, 48, of Upper Brockley Road, Brockley was convicted of five counts of raping the woman, whose keys he snatched and threatened to kill.
Croydon Crown Court heard Healy first raped the victim at her home in early December last year, but this was not reported to police and he returned to the address on the 22nd day of that month.
Healy pushed the woman inside and threatened to kill her, stole her keys and left the address, locking her inside. 

On his return he stopped her from leaving the address and repeatedly raped her until she convinced him to allow her to go to work.

Healy escorted the woman to her place of work and once he left she reported her ordeal to the police.

Officers attended the victim's home address where Healy was found hiding in a cupboard and he was arrested.

Detective Constable Keith Tran, from the Metropolitan Police Service's Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command, said: "Rape is often under-reported and victims can suffer in silence.
“It took tremendous courage from this victim to come forward and report Healy to the police.
“However, once she did she was supported by a specially trained officer until Healy was convicted.
“As a result of her courage a violent offender, who subjected her to a protracted ordeal has been convicted and now faces a lengthy prison term.

"I hope this case gives other victims of rape and abuse the courage to report their offenders to the police with the confidence that they will be believed and they will be supported."

As well as the five rapes Healy was also convicted of false imprisonment, threats to kill, sexual assault and assault.

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