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Property Fraudster's Dodgy Mortgages With Help Of Girlfriend And Mum

Rachel Gledhill & Wayne Stubbs

A Huddersfield sales assistant posed as an IT consultant and a fine arts dealer during two mortgage frauds with her boyfriend, which illegally netted loans totalling £650,000, the Old Bailey heard today.

Rachel Gledhill, 39, of Armitage Road, Milnsbridge was working for Harvey Nichols, but lied in mortgage applications that she earned substantially more.

Her ex-boyfriend Wayne Stubbs, 44 and his mother Wendy Stubbs, 62, both of Briarwood House, Orpington Road, Chislehurst, Kent also deny the charges.

Prosecutor Mr. Nick Mather told the court Gledhill purchased 52 Hollyfield Avenue, Huddersfield in 2004 with the help of a £225,000 mortgage granted on the basis she was a £67,000 a year IT consultant.

“That is simply untrue, she is not an IT consultant and she was not earning that money. She was working as a sale assistant in Harvey Nichols.

“This is a lie on the mortgage application and this is part of a pattern of lies that go throughout this case.”

The jury were told Wayne was the mastermind behind the frauds. “This is not something Rachel Gledhill has decided to do off her own bat.”

The second property Gledhill purchased, 4 The Courtyard, Holwood, Keston, Kent, needed a £424,950 mortgage and she claimed to run her own successful fine arts business to obtain the loan in 2005.

“She say's she's a professional and had been doing this since May 1996 and owned one hundred per cent of the business.”

Gledhill claimed to net over £172,000 a year from the non-existent business, added Mr. Mather. “All of that was untrue because we known how much she was earning.”

The last known income for Gledhill was £12,000 in 2004 and from 2005 to 2011 she has no employment or tax records whatsoever.

“You can be confident these are lies in her documentation.”

Wendy Stubbs

4 The Courtyard was rented for £2,000 per month without the permission of the lender and sold in May, 2008 for £472,000, which the prosecution say is criminal property.

The Stubbs' were involved in further frauds on their own, added Mr. Maher. “It's about mortgage fraud and money laundering.

“These three defendants, individually and together, obtained a number of different mortgages and they did this by lying about their employment and income.

“Wayne is behind each and every one of these transactions. His fingerprints, euphemistically speaking, are all over this case.”

Wendy fronted the purchase of one property by claiming to be a £120,000 financial consultant.

“She has never, prior or since, earned that money. She was unemployed and on benefits.”

On another occasion she claimed to be a £75,000 a year interior designer and Wayne himself posed as a £110,000 a year unit trust dealer to obtain a big mortgage.

Wayne has not employment or tax history between 1995 and 2011. “He's a man who has no income at all as far as Revenue and Customs are concerned.

“He's someone seemingly under the radar with no income.”

Gledhill and Wayne are charged with obtaining a £225,000 mortgage on or before April 23, 2004, by deception, in relation to 52 Hollyfield Avenue, Huddersfield.

Gledhill alone is charged with obtaining a £424,950 mortgage, by deception, in relation to 4 The Courtyard, Holwood Estate, Westerham Road, Keston, Kent.

She is also charged with acquiring criminal property, namely rental income, from the address between June 1, 2006 and May 31, 2008 and Wayne is charged with entering into a money laundering arrangement.

Both Stubbs' are charged with obtaining a mortgage by deception, namely £300,000, on or before April 19, 2002 in relation to 166 Crofton Lane, Orpington.

They are similarly charged with obtaining £237,500 on or before August 29, 2003, plus a count of attempting to obtain that sum in relation to Flat 2, 55 Linden Gardens, Paddington.

Wendy is charged with acquiring criminal property, namely rental income from that address between February 4, 2005 and December 31, 2012 and Wayne with entering into a money laundering arrangement.

Wayne faces one count of fraud against Clydesdale Bank on or about March 12, 2008 in relation to the Linden Gardens property and his mother a count of acquiring criminal property and money laundering between 2008 and 2012.

Wayne alone is charged with obtaining a £237,500 mortage, by deception, in relation to Flat 16, Mount Arlington, 37 Park Hill Road, Bromley on or before July 27, 2004.

Both Stubbs' are charged with obtaining a £1,200,399 mortgage, by deception, on or before April 6, 2006 in relation to Briarwood House, Orpington Road, Chislehurst.

That property was rented out for £8,000 per month and Wendy is charged with acquiring criminal property between November 1, 2008 and November 30, 2010 and Wayne with money laundering.

Trial continues...........

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