Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Bus Pervert Used Phone To Film Up Schoolgirls' Skirts

An octogenarian pervert spent the summer using his mobile phone to film up young schoolgirls skirts as he rode the bus.

David Phillips, 80, said his age excluded sexual gratification despite thousands of images of young girls, including upskirt clips being on his phone.

“I’m eighty so there’s nothing that sexual going on. Do you know what I mean?” he told police when they raided his home.

Phillips, of St. Mary’s Court, Stamford Brook Road, Hammersmith pleaded guilty to outraging public decency on or before August 9, last year by taking indecent images of schoolgirls.

He also admitted making an indecent image of a child on or before the same date and was bailed until February 20 for a probation report.

Prosecutor Miss Carly Loftus told Hammersmith Magistrates Court yesterday: “Between May and July there were a number of reports made to police of a male filming schoolgirls on Chiswick buses.”

Phillips rode the 237 and 267 bus routes, commonly also used by schoolgirls and was often seen using a “discreet” small black mobile phone.

Transport for London and the police investigated and identified Phillips as a possible suspect because his appearance matched the description given by the girls and he had a similar previous conviction.

In 2010 he was placed on probation for filming up females’ skirts on a moving escalator.

On August 9 his home was raided by police officers, but he was not in.

“They saw him stood at a bus stop adjacent to the property with a black Samsung mobile phone in his hand.”

Phillips immediately admitted taking pictures of schoolgirls, explaining: “I just have them on my phone.”

When asked why he did it, he said: “I don’t know. Because I can I suppose.”

Miss Loftus added: “The video files were predominantly schoolgirl upstart shots and some of schoolgirls in provocative poses.”

The police split the images into two categories, which totalled 102 and 4,461 video clips of schoolgirls.

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