Sunday, 1 January 2017

Eight And A Half Years For Party Teen Rapist

Guilty: Ryan Pheasant
A rapist, who asked a tipsy teenager he attacked at a party: "Do you hate me?" halfway through her ordeal is starting an eight-and-half year prison sentence.

Ryan Pheasant, 32, of Hurley Farm, Mill Lane, Hurley, Maidenhead then left for a cigarette and returned to resume the attack on the 17 year-old, Isleworth Crown court was told.

He was found guilty of one count of raping the teen at an address in Roundways, Ruislip in the early hours of September 1, 2013.

The jury acquitted him of two more rape counts.

Pheasant says there was no sexual contact at all and police failed to find his DNA on the complainant.

Prosecutor Miss Fer Chinner said both parties were guests at a party at the house. "One of the people encouraging her to drink is the defendant and he keeps pouring her drinks, vodka.

"His attention is unnatural and others guests feel uncomfortable. One describes him as 'creepy' and too touchy-feely, hugging and kissing her.

"Wherever she was, he was there as this alcohol-fuelled party continues."

Eventually the "tired and woozy" teenager went upstairs and "crashed-out" on a bed.

"Pheasant is in no mood for the party to end, so he goes up," explained Miss Chinner. "She describes being woken up by the bedroom door opening.
Pheasant: Eight & A Half Years

"She hears the noise of a belt falling to the floor. It's Pheasant undoing his shorts and getting into bed.

"He starts kissing her and taking her bra and knickers off and then rapes her and when he's finished he says: 'Do you hate me?'

"She lies there crying, not knowing what to do and he goes for a cigarette and comes back to the room and rapes her again."

A police doctor finds evidence of sexual intercourse and an unidentified semen stain is on her blue velvet party dress.

Ten days after the alleged rape she made a video-recorded statement to police and hardly leaves her bedroom for the next six months.

Family and friends describe her as "emotionless, scared and pale" after the party.

When questioned by police Pheasant insisted her account was fictitious, but did admit entering the room to help her to bed and then returning with her music system.

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