Saturday, 7 January 2017

Drug-Driver On Crystal Meth And GHB Condemned By Judge

A ‘dangerous’ drug-user was high on a cocktail of crystal meth and GHB when police caught him driving erratically at speed.

Bruce David Robbins, 48, of Foster Close, Cheshunt, Waltham Cross jumped a red light, strayed towards oncoming traffic and bumped into the kerb as officers followed.

“It shows a Cavalier attitude towards the harm that could be caused. The community is put in danger by his actions,” announced District Judge Tim Stone  at Camberwell Green Magistrates Court.

“Why do people think they have the ability to drive in the afternoon after taking drugs in the morning, with scant regard for other people?

“This rings alarm bells with me.”

Robbins pleaded guilty to driving his red Nissan in Clapham Park Road, Clapham while unfit through drugs on August 16, last year.

He also admitted possessing small quantities of the two drugs, which were found when police searched the vehicle.

Prosecutor Mr. Terry Curtis told the court: “Police officers saw the vehicle driving erratically and it ran a red light.

“The car was speeding and it twice almost went into the opposite lane.”

Police flashed their lights to stop the car. “When they did the driver clipped the kerb.”

At a second attempt Robbins was pulled over. “His eyes were glazed and bulging and he was slurring his words.”

The defendant told police he felt he was okay to drive and took crystal meth occasionally.

He said he paid under £30 for it and £20 for party drug GHB.

Robbins’ lawyer Mr. Sidney Nelson said: “He was driving via a satnav, which was sitting in his lap and was looking at it while he was driving.

“That was the reason for the erratic driving and he clipped the kerb because he thought he had to get out of the way of an ambulance when he saw the lights.

“He took drugs that morning and thought he was alright to drive. He takes crystal meth socially every weekend.”

First-time offender Robbins was bailed until January 25 for probation reports and has an interim driving disqualification until that date.

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