Friday, 27 January 2017

Sacked UPS Driver Tagged After Road Rage Row With Bus Driver

A disgraced UPS driver, sacked after he was filmed ranting aggressively at a bus driver during a Knightsbridge road-rage incident, has been ordered to wear an electronic tag.

Darren Lee, 39, stopped his delivery van in the middle of busy rush-hour traffic to confront the driver and repeatedly punched the wing mirror.

He pleaded guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates Court to threatening behaviour on August 11, last year and received a three-month community order.

He must obey a night time tagged curfew between midnight and 5am for the period of the order and pay £350 compensation to bus driver Mohammed Wardheere.

Lee, of Fellows Court, Weymouth Terrace, Bethnal Green was originally charged with also assaulting Mr. Wardheere, but this was withdrawn by the prosecution.

“The victim was a bus driver and entitled to go about his work without fear,” District Judge Vanessa Barressa told him.

“The nature of the incident involved insulting words, throwing water, punching the wing mirror and inviting the bus driver to fight.”

Lee initially fought the case, only pleading guilty on the day of the trial and remained defiant in his probation service interview.

“There is little by the way of remorse of this offence and you blame the bus driver for starting the event and say he tried to spit at you and hit you from the cab.”

Following the ordeal Mr. Wardheere said: “I have come to peace with the assault.

“I am a spiritual man and I aim to live life as stress-free as possible and I have come to a personal peace with the incident.”  

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