Saturday, 24 March 2018

Dangerous Criminal Back On London's Streets

A notorious killer and double-rapist is back on the streets after magistrates decided not to trigger a suspended prison sentence when he spat at a policeman and struck a care worker with his Zimmer frame.

Leeds-born Stuart Durkin, 56, was conditionally discharged at City of London Magistrates Court, allowing him to disappear into the unsuspecting crowds of workers in the busy Square Mile.

The violent thug has been in and out of prison all his life and was only released from his most recent sentence, two months for racially-aggravated threatening behaviour at a Southend shopping centre, on March 9.

He was conditionally discharged for six months after pleading guilty to assaulting PC Christopher Walker and care worker Ttofis Andreas at the Look Ahead Hostel, Great Peter Street, Westminster on January 25, where he also admitted using threatening behaviour.  

This put him in breach of a 28-day suspended prison sentence for assaulting another police officer, but this was not enforced.

“This is very unfortunate, where you have allowed yourself to lose your temper,” magistrate Sonia Henley told Durkin, who is currently nursing a broken hip after being struck by a bus.

“This is unpleasant, spitting at a police officer and a care worker when they are doing their duty and what you said was sexually offensive to Mr. Andreas.”

Durkin was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to each victim, plus £85 costs, which will come out of his benefits.

He had been rehoused in Southend, but is now banned from the town for two years after shouting “go back to your own country” at community worker at council-run advisory hub within weeks of arriving.

Durkin, now living at St. Mungo’s hostel, Harrow Road, Paddington was jailed in Sweden for killing his wife, received 12 years for the bedsit rape of a virgin and thirteen years for the rape and attempted murder of a 30 year-old tourist in Rome, who he beat with a rock when she resisted.

He was repatriated to the UK on April 14, 2003, released on June 1, 2007 and given a council flat at 2 Derry House, Church Street Estate, St. John's Wood. 

His lawyer Matthew Humphreys told the court: “He is not a well man as well as the recent hip fracture has gout in the other leg and last week was rushed to hospital with deep vein thrombosis.

“He has made very limited, but some progress in getting his life in order and finding accommodation at St. Mungo’s and is subject to post-sentence supervision and is monitored by the Probation Service.

“He is in the process of signing-on for benefits. He has been bouncing in and out of custody for a few years and spent a lot of time as street homeless.”

Prosecutor Miss Sian Morgan said: “Mr. Andreas is a care worker at the hostel, where Mr. Durkin had resided and at 5.30pm the defendant was seen in the canteen muttering to himself.

“Mr. Andreas enquired if anything was wrong and Mr. Durkin said he needed more care and was told he would have to do that through his own care worker.

“He replied with abuse, referring to Mr. Andreas’s Greek ethnicity and used a word that meant queer. 

“Later that day he was shouting at other members of staff and further abusive language was used.

“He swung the Zimmer frame he was using, hitting Mr. Andreas on the back and then threw a bottle of milk at a door.”

Staff called the police and Durkin confronted the officers. “He spat into his right hand and threw it at the officer and it landed on his stab-proof vest, shouting: ‘Arrest me.’

“He then threw cigarette butts and bits of chocolate at the officer and slapped his body-worn camera. 

“Mr. Durkin was placed in handcuffs and again spat a the officer.”  

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