Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Hotel Awards Entrepreneur Denies Raping Three Women During Rough Role-Playing Fantasies

A Cambridge-educated hotel awards boss raped three young women by taking his desire for rough sex and role-playing fantasies too far, a court heard today.

Edward Gabbai, 30, who runs The World Boutique Hotel Awards, raped a 17 year-old escort, a young Swede and a 23 year-old stranger, Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court was told.

Gabbai, of Thornbury Gardens, Borehamwood, who has a PhD in microbiology and nanoscience, has pleaded not guilty to raping the first two women once and the third a total of three times.

Prosecutor Mr. Simon Russell Flint QC said the first two women had agreed to consensual sex with the defendant that became rape and the third was a drunken woman he took home in a cab.

The jury were played mobile phone footage police seized from the defendant of the third woman on her on her knees in the bathroom of Gabbai’s Battersea house sit in the midst of the alleged rapes.

“It shows a naked girl on her knees, she appears to be distressed and has been assaulted. You can hear the defendant say: ‘Tell me you will do anything I want,’ and see him slap her violently.

“The footage shows him telling her to put her arms behind her back and bottom in the air.

“She can be heard saying: ‘Please don’t, ouch, please don’t, ouch.’”

The first woman was happy to engage in role-play, the jury were told. “The defendant told her he was into fantasies, role-playing, where he would rape someone by forcing an a female as she tried to get away.”

However, one day this went too far, the court heard. “She said to him: ’No, no. Stop, stop.’

“She said to him: ‘No Edward, stop, stop, this isn’t part of the role-play. She was saying it with so much emotion she says he could tell it was not role-playing.

“She was crying from the pain and was in such shock that she says she couldn’t remember the safe word and just shouted out: ‘Safe word, safe word!’ and he stopped.”

The teenager did not report Gabbai to the police at the time.

“This being rough and violent in the course of sexual activity, we say, is a common and repeating theme,” said Mr. Russell Flint. “Edward Gabbai likes to dominate sexually and inflict hurt and violence on those who he engages in sexual activity.”

The second woman was a Tinder date, who did initially consent to sex with Gabbai until she was raped in the bedroom of a Stoke Newington address, the jury were told.

“He picked her up and put her on all fours and started giving her orders as what to do. He pinned down her legs, pushed her down and started to become very aggressive.

“He started strangling so hard she could not breathe, bit her neck and ear so it left a visible mark, turned her head so he could slap her face and pulled her hair.

“He said: ‘That’s my favourite bit.’ She was screaming out and he continued to have sex with her.

“Facial injuries were caused by the defendant beating her up, quite frankly.”

She reported Gabbai to the police after becoming embarrassed about her parents seeing her in such a state and having to cancel her passport picture appointment at the Swedish Embassy.

“He said she liked rough sex. He said he hit her about twelve times, but at no time did she tell him to stop.”

The last complainant had been drinking in Angel and agreed to get in Gabbai’s shared Uber cab at 3.30 because she had no phone power to call her own.

However, once in the address she court heard Gabbai told her in the hallway: “You have got to let me do whatever I want to you.”

She felt vulnerable and intimidated by the “very angry” Gabbai, the court heard. “He pushed her onto the bed and slapped her on both cheeks very hard.

“She started crying immediately and he called her lots of names, like slut,” explained Mr. Russell Flint.

“He pushed down on her neck, she couldn’t breathe, was gasping for breath and she really thought he was going to suffocate her.

“She says she was hysterical, crying and unable to speak and was told: ‘If you cry out or try to go away I’ll make it worse for you.’

“She slapped her face, her bottom, her legs.”

Gabbai raped her three times, said the prosecutor, while instructing her to say she was only twelve years-old and announcing: ‘You’re a little twelve year-old girl.’

Later Gabbai unlocked the front door and took her phone number before she left and the young woman reported him to the police.

When examined she had thirty separate areas of injury.

The trial is expected to last three weeks…………

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