Thursday, 29 March 2018

Jealous Thug Blinded Girlfriend With Single Blow

A jealous thug, who blinded his girlfriend in one eye with a single savage punch during a row outside her house, has been locked-up for eleven years and four months.
Dee Hunte, 35, of Mary Seacole Close, Hackney pleaded guilty to inflicting grievous bodily harm at the Croydon address on November 18, 2016.
Croydon Crown Court heard the victim returned home to find Hunte, waiting outside her property.
He asked for her door keys and mobile phone to check on who she had been with.
When the victim refused, Hunte became very aggressive, placing both hands around her throat and squeezing tightly, warning her: ”Don’t scream or I’ll kill you!”
He then punched her in the face causing the injury to her right eye and eye socket.
She fell to the ground and Hunte stamped on her back a number of times before running from the scene with her mobile phone.
Passers-by came to her aid and police and the London Ambulance Service were called.
The victim was taken to the Accident and Emergency Unit at Croydon University Hospital, and later transferred to St Georges’ Hospital where she was treated for her life changing injuries.
An investigation was launched by officers from Croydon Community Safety Unit and Hunte was soon identified, but in the weeks and months following the incident, he managed to evade police.
On July 25, last year he was arrested in the Westminster area, and subsequently charged.
PC Asiri Hamidi, of Croydon Community Safety Unit, said: “Hunte is a dangerous and violent individual with a predisposition for extreme jealousy and controlling behaviour.
The sentence he received reflects the danger he poses to the public.
His victim was left with life-changing injuries, and understandably remains very traumatised by the incident, but I hope this result will give her some comfort.
“We take a zero tolerance approach towards perpetrators who inflict such violence and are determined to provide justice for victims and judicial sanction for those responsible.”

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