Monday, 12 March 2018

House Of Lords Advisor Stalked At Her Private Gym By Yoga Classmate

Stalker: Jumshed Khan
A House of Lords advisor was stalked by a “creepy” member of her yoga class at a private gym, where he pestered her with notes and gifts and tried to follow her home.

Cambridge-graduate Roshani Palamakumbura, 38, who has a degree in Political Philosophy and is a policy advisor on EU and foreign affairs was targeted for over two years by herbalist Jumshed Khan, 50.

The full-time carer, of Peabody Estate, Old Pye Street, Westminster was convicted today of stalking Ms Palamakumbura between June 1, 2015 and August 22, last year.

They met at Bannatyne Millbank - owned by former Dragon’s Den star Duncan Bannatyne - located a few minutes from her Westminster office.

Hendon Magistrates Court found Khan made inappropriate comments to Ms Palamakumbura, followed her to the nearby Underground Station and gave her a “strange” and “disturbing” 26-page handwritten letter.

Khan also muscled his way into drinks with her boss, former director of the Refugee Council Lord Dubs, 85, then complained to the court about having to pay.

“I had to pay for the drinks because he wouldn’t cough up, it was two glasses of wine in the Westminster Arms that cost £19.95. I was hoping her was going to pay, but he never did.” 

Lords Advisor: Roshani Palamakumbura
The court heard Khan was angered by her choice of new personal trainer at the gym - a notorious ladies man named ‘Paul’ - and he claimed the pair had concocted the case against him.

“When Roshani began sleeping with Paul they began conspiring together to get me kicked out of the gym. Paul hates me and I think he used Roshani,” claimed Khan.

However, Ms Palamakumbura, a wine expert one employed as a sommelier by Gordon Ramsay, said she lied about the romance to get Khan off her back. “He was shaking, upset, emotional, almost close to tears.

“I did lie to him and said: ‘Yes. I’m sleeping with Paul, we’re in a relationship.’ I thought that was the best way to end things. I had to get him out of my space.

“I began avoiding the gym, I stopped going to yoga and was careful about what I was wearing. I had changed.

“I tried to avoid classes I knew Jay (Khan) would go to and noticed if I started going to a new class he would to or sit outside my pilates class.

“I never went to the sauna again and I felt uncomfortable about going to the swimming pool because I knew he’d be there. I was angry and felt I’d lost control of my life.”

She eventually went to the police on August 22, last year after a yoga class row. “Jay walked in and was extremely angry and said: ‘You’re in my place and you know it.’

“He was seething. It was incredibly scary and he deliberately wanted me intimidated and he was enjoying it.”

That led to the gym banning Khan. “When Jay was banned it changed everything, not having him there.”

Khan claimed the only written paper he gave her was a health drink remedy, however Ms Palamakumbura told the court: “He gave me written pieces of paper and little gifts.

“I made it clear I thought he was a bit of a quack that didn’t know what he was talking about regarding yoga or health.

“He misinterprets slight interest. He has an incapacity to read signals from women and was very interested in giving advice on how I should diet and look.”

Regarding the 26-page letter she added: “It disgusted me at the time. It’s a pathetic unrequited crush.

“The yoga teacher did tell Jay off for staring. How can he tell me I’m wearing too much make-up or my posture is wrong if he’s not staring?

“There was another letter after that, something to my mother and he was begging me to go to dinner or for a drink with him.”

Her gym pal Emma Mackintosh saw the long letter, describing it as “creepy, strange and disturbing,” telling the court: “It was like he was psychoanalysing her, I think he was a bit obsessed with her.”

Khan claimed to be a “devoted friend and confidante” to Ms Palamakumbura. “She would tell me intimate details of her private life and confide in me about other men she was seeing.

“I became more of an advisor and could see she was making a lot of mistakes. She had multiple relationships with men.

“I helped her lose weight and get rid of her spots.”

Prosecutor Mr. Jonathan Bryan said: “He is a classic stalker. He is absolutely obsessed with this young woman, even when she makes it obvious she doesn’t want his attention.”

Bailing Khan until March 19 for a pre-sentence report District Judge John Zani told him: “She made it clear to you that your interest in her was not welcome.

“You did stalk her and all options, not excluding imprisonment, are available."

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