Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Cig Butt DNA Nails Knife-Wielding Bank Bandit

A knifeman, who threatened bank staff with a blade during a £2,000 raid, has been jailed for three years.
Zhoa Wan, 29, of Sigrist Square, Kingston-upon-Thames brandished the large kitchen knife as he fled, telling a member of staff: “Get out of my way.”
He pleaded guilty to robbing the bank in High Street, Hounslow on February 12.
Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court heard it was 11am when Wan entered the branch
He initially told staff he was waiting for someone, but he then approached two cashiers, produced the knife and told staff to give him the money.

The staff handed over nearly £2,000, which Wan placed in a black bag he had been carrying.

As he left, the cashiers told a member of staff in the bank’s public area what had happened.
This member of staff began to approach Wan, but he held the knife out in front of him, shouted the order, and escaped.
Police were called and officers from the Flying Squad began an investigation.
A review of CCTV was made and an image recovered of the suspect smoking a cigarette.
The cigarette stub was found by police and the DNA on it was matched to Wan.

Other CCTV enabled police to find the guest house where Wan had been staying prior to the robbery.
All this information enabled detectives to identify Wan as the suspect.

Wan became aware that he was sought by police and on Saturday, February 22 he surrendered himself at Hounslow police station, where he was arrested and later charged.

Detective Constable Alex George, of the Flying Squad, said: “This was a frightening ordeal for the members of staff who were threatened with a knife for Wan’s financial gain.
Our investigation quickly identified Wan as the person responsible.
His prison sentence should be a warning; if you commit violent crime the consequences are severe." 

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