Sunday, 5 October 2014

Iraqi Asylum-Seeker Sat Driving Theory Tests For Other Foreigners

A successful Iraqi asylum-seeker, who travelled all over the country taking driving theory tests for other foreigners, has been jailed for fifteen moths.

Jobless Derbas Baiz Hamad, 28, of Gerrish Avenue, Whitehall, Bristol claims his final test was in exchange for a plane ticket to his homeland, where his brother and sister have been kidnapped by Islamic State.

The unmarried father-of-two, who lives on benefits and achieved full British citizenship four years ago, pleaded guilty to thirteen counts of fraud by false representation and one count of jumping bail.

Isleworth Crown Court heard Hamad, who has two previous convictions for sitting tests for others, sat the examinations between September 14, 2012 and the day of his arrest, September 5, this year.

He attended test centres in Hillingdon; Lincolnshire; Berkshire; Dorset; Somerset; Staffordshire; Enfield; Southwark; Redditch; South Yorkshire; Surrey; West Midlands and Bristol.

Prosecutor Miss Pamela Reiss told the court: "He has several aliases and goes to driving theory test centres and impersonates a genuine person to obtain a pass.

"He was arrested in Uxbridge when a member of staff recognised his picture, which had been circulated as a serial offender and he was wanted in Bristol for exactly the same offences.

"He said he did not take payment for thing the tests, but knew what he was doing was wrong and had not been forced to do it."

Hamad, who once received a three month sentence for taking a road test for Iraqi pal Hadi Mohammed, 31, which he failed spectacularly, has remained in custody since his arrest last month.

He arrived in the UK as a seventeen year-old to avoid military service in Iraq and claims his two siblings were kidnapped a month ago in his home town of Kirkuk.

His 61 year-old mother suffered a heart attack on hearing the news and Hamad claims he was taking the Uxbridge test in exchange for a plane ticket to visit home.

Recorder Nicholas Rhodes QC announced: "It is unlikely someone is doing this all over the country unless it is for financial gain.

"You claim there was no financial gain, but I find that incredible.

"This is serious conduct, it has the obvious potential of putting the lives of members of the public in danger, with unqualified people driving around."

Hamad was also disqualified from driving for three years.

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