Monday, 27 October 2014

Heavyweight Champ Chisora Jumped Red Light To Flee Cops In Uninsured SUV

Heavyweight boxing champ Dereck Chisora jumped a red light as he fled police in his uninsured high-performance Mercedes SUV after an officer quizzed him about his Zimbabwean driving licence.

The 30 year-old European and WBO Intercontinental title holder was in stationary traffic when the officer, who was travelling in the opposite direction, chatted to him through his open window and ordered him to pull over.

Luckily police recognised the six foot one former British and Commonwealth champion and went to the boxer's mother's home and told her they wanted to speak with him.

Chisora, of Addison Way, Golders Green did not attend Willesden Magistrates Court today, but pleaded guilty to driving the 5.5 litre Mercedes ML V8 in Finchley Road on April 12 without insurance.

He also admitted failing to comply with a red light and failing to stop for a uniformed police officer and was fined a total of £665, with £85 costs and a £66 victim surcharge and was given seven penalty points.

The boxer is currently preparing for his 'Battle of Britain' showdown with fellow heavyweight Tyson Fury at the Docklands' ExCel arena on November 29.

Chisora's lawyer Mr. Barry Warburton told the court: "The police officer's attention was drawn because they were sitting in a traffic queue and he wound his window down and asked: 'Do you have a driving licence?'

"My client said it was an international driver's licence and the officer said there was no such thing."

Chisora then ignored the police request to stop and jumped the red light he was waiting at.

"It was in fact a full Zimbabwean driving licence and all he has to do is send it to DVLA and they will send back a full UK driving licence," explained Mr. Warburton.

When asked how long his client had been living in the country the lawyer replied: "I have no idea and it doesn't matter anyway. He's not doing anything unlawful driving on a Zimbabwean licence.

"He's pleaded guilty to the red traffic light, he says it was marginal, but accepts he should have stopped.

"The vehicle was fully insured for named drivers over thirty years-old."

Unfortunately for Chisora he was not a named driver on the policy.

When quizzed about his client's earning Mr. Warburton said: "He's a famous professional boxer. I don't know how much they make, but probably a lot.

"I think two thousand pounds a week would be conservative."

The lawyer said the penalty would be paid in full within seven days. "I'll be in touch with his management team."

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