Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Heartless Burglars Target Pensioner Brothers During Terrifying Late-Night Break-In

A despicable couple, who broke into the home of two pensioner brothers in the middle of the night, attacking the terrified pair and ransacking the address have been caged.
Rohan Daley, 41, of Yelverton Road, Battersea received five years imprisonment – which includes a seperate break-in – and Nicola Barwell, 38, of nearby Peabody Estate, St. John's Hill received two years and eight months.
At Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court they both pleaded guilty to burgling the Clapham address on May 11 and Daley admitted another burglary and possessing a knife.
The court heard how in the early hours of the morning at 4.30am the two brothers, aged 78 and 67 years-old, were asleep in their home.

The older of the two was woken up by the sound of someone forcing open the front door.
He was confronted by Daley who had entered his bedroom and was demanding money. 

Barwell also entered the room and began a search and Daley punched the elderly victim, causing a bruise to his face.
The pair completed their search and left the room and the victim used this opportunity to call the police.

The younger brother, who was sleeping in a downstairs bedroom, heard the commotion and went to the bottom of the stairs.
Daley picked a stepladder and threw it at him, striking him in the chest and knocking him backwards. 

Daley grappled with the man and tried to grab his walking stick.
He was joined by Barwell and they again demanded money and searched the room.
Daley used a screwdriver to rip open the pensioner’s mattress. 

Both then returned to the first bedroom where Daley threw a torch at the 78-year-old man, causing a two inch gash above his eye.
After this they left the property, but were chased and arrested by police officers who had arrived at the scene.

Daley was seen to discard property that he had stolen from the house and when he was searched, a lock-knife was found in his trouser pocket.
Barwell was arrested whilst trying to climb over a fence.

Detective Constable Tony Davis, of Wandsworth CID, said: “This was a horrendous crime where two vulnerable and elderly men were attacked in their home.
Daley is a dangerous individual who would do anything for his own gain, while Barwell has shown a shocking lack of compassion.
Thankfully, despite their horrendous ordeal, one of the victims courageously called police and the fast response by officers helped bring this pair to justice.”


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