Sunday, 9 March 2014

DNA Nails Would-Be Rapist Thirteen Years On

Justice has finally caught up with a former burglar and wannabe rapist, who has been locked-up for a crime spree in which he left behind tell-tale DNA years ago.
Romanian Georghita Plesca, 44, (pictured) tried to rape a woman in her late sixties after breaking into her east London home, one of many properties he raided thirteen years ago.
The terrified victim was tied-up with tape and electrical flex by Plesca, who then ransacked the address and subjected her to the sex attack.
He moved to Bedfordshire and would have avoided justice, but was DNA-tested by local police invesigating a theft and linked to the earlier crimes.
Plesca was sentenced at the Old Bailey to thirteen years imprisonment after pleading guilty to attempting to rape the woman and burgling her home in Baxter Road, Canning Town on May 15, 2001.
He also pleaded guilty to two more Canning Town burglaries in Tree Road and Berwick Road on April 14 and May 17, 2001 respectively and a burglary in Rectory Gardens, Northolt, Middlesex on March 23 of the same year.
The court heard Plesca surprised the lone female occupant of the address in Baxter Road during the evening at the victim had been getting ready for bed.
As she tried to enter her bedroom, Plesca - who had broken into the property some time earlier - jumped on her from behind.
He then proceeded to tie her up with tape and electrical flex and then ransacked the property before attempting to rape her.
Plesca then fled the house, leaving his victim bound in the bedroom.
She managed to free herself and raise the alarm.

On all occasions forensic evidence was recovered and stored and this was to prove Plesca's downfall.
In August, last year, Bedfordshire Police arrested Plesca in relation to a theft matter and his DNA sample taken, which linked him to the four scenes and the case being investigated.
Detective Sergeant Michael McInerney of the Complex Case Team within the Sexual Offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse Command led the investigation.
He said: "Plesca evaded detection for a number of years, but diligent work at each scene meant that, when the opportunity arose, we were able to comprehensively link him to each offence.

"This conviction demonstrates that no matter how much time has passed since a crime, we will continue to investigate it when the evidence is presented to us.

"Sadly the victim of the attack in Baxter Road died before she could see Plesca brought to justice.
I only hope her family can take some comfort in the fact that he is now behind bars." 

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