Saturday, 22 March 2014

Life On The Edge: Homeless Man Murdered By Polish Drifter

A Polish rough sleeper, who beat a fellow homeless man to death – inflicting fatal chest injuries with repeated punches – has been convicted of murder.

The body of Alfred Stemporowski, 55, ( was found on May 30, last year in the brick refuse building he called home in Keats Close, Enfield.

An Old Bailey jury convicted 30 year-old Damin Walczyk, (pic.bottom) who also slept there, of murdering the victim during an unprovoked drunken attack.

A post mortem examination revealed he died after suffering major chest injuries and fractures to his rib cage.

A married couple, who also sheltered in the building, witnessed the violent assault during the early evening of May 29.

Alfred was asleep on a mattress when, without warning, Walczyk - who had been drinking - grabbed him, pulled him up and began punching him repeatedly in the face and upper body.

When the couple began shouting at him to stop Walczyk, who is younger and larger in stature, threatened them with the same and blocked the exit to stop them leaving.

They asked why he was attacking Mr. Stemporowski and Walczyk replied: “For the love of my country,” - a Polish phrase that means doing something for no reason at all.

A short time later the witnesses managed to escape and tried to get help from various members of the public, however due to the language barrier they could not be understood and neither police or the London Ambulance Service were called.

Later that day they returned to the refuse building to find Walczyk asleep and Alfred on his mattress.

Assuming he was asleep they left him alone.

At about 6:00am the following morning they were unable to rouse Alfred and realised he had died.

Detective Chief Inspector Sheila Stewart of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “Damin Walczyk launched a totally unprovoked attack on Alfred Stemporowski.

“The level of violence he used was terrifying and he used this to intimidate the witnesses present.

“He used his muscular build and propensity for violence to assault and intimidate the persons he lived with and ultimately murder an innocent man.”

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