Thursday, 27 March 2014

Nightclub Thug Returned To Shoot Four Bouncers

A nightclub troublemaker, who was violently thrown out of the venue by bouncers, has been caged for 22 years after he returned and tried to shoot dead four of the door staff.
Tunde Olutosin, 24, (pictured) of St. Norbert Road, Brockley had some of his teeth knocked out and received a facial injury when ejected from Fire, Parry Street, Vauxhall in the early hours of May 19, last year.
He was found guilty at the Old Bailey of four counts of attempted murder and possession of a firearm and ammunition with intent to endanger life.
When sentencing Olutosin the judge declared him a dangerous offender. 

This result follows a reactive investigation by the Metropolitan Police Service’s Trident Gang Crime Command. 

Officers discovered that a fight inside the venue had resulted in door staff ejecting one of the participants, Olutosin.
He argued with security personnel outside, at one stage brandishing a broken bottle.
This behaviour led to him being physically restrained by the doorman, sustaining a facial injury and losing some of his teeth.
He was released and left the area after making repeated threats to return with a gun and kill the door staff.
He came back a short time later armed with a revolver. 

Olutosin discharged the weapon several times aiming at the four individual door staff.
Fortunately, nobody was hit and it was evident he had difficulties with the gun, which jammed a number of times.
He then escaped the scene prior to the arrival of police.

Having been forensically identified as a suspect by DNA at the scene, a firearms search warrant was executed at Olutosin’s home address on May 24.
Investigating officer, Acting Detective Sergeant Sylvia Diggins of the Trident South Reactive Team, said: “Through his own violent behaviour, it was necessary for the security staff to eject Olutosin from the nightclub to ensure the safety of other nightclub-goers.
“This caused him to sustain injuries whilst they tried to restrain him.

“However frustrating this may have been for Olutosin it did not warrant him arming himself with a gun and then firing at the door staff.
It is a miracle that no-one was harmed.

“I hope this significant sentence sends a clear message to those involved in gun crime that they will be caught and will be placed before the courts."

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