Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Residents Endure Late-Night Car Wrecking Spree

The residents of a comfortable corner of Fulham woke to find a drunken night-time vandal had gone on a nine-car wrecking spree, causing £7,360 worth of damage to their vehicles.

Frank Brackley, 25, of Delorme Street, Hammersmith had been drinking at a local party that night and was seen by a resident who had been woken by a car alarm at 3.20am, throwing a brick at their vehicle, which was parked in it's drive.

He pleaded guilty at Hammersmith Magistrates' Court (pictured) today to nine charges of causing criminal damage on November 3, last year to vehicles parked in Stevenage Road, Woodlawn Road and Cloncurry Street on the fashionable side of the River Thames.

He damaged two Honda's; a Range Rover; a VW Tiguan; a Mercedes; a VW Golf; a Mini Cooper; a Citroen and an Audi.

Brackley also pleaded guilty to interfering with six of the vehicles and will be sentenced on April 1 after a probation report has been prepared.

The court was told the same resident heard a second car alarm sound and the defendant hid behind a parked vehicle when he heard the police arriving.

Several residents reported their vehicles had broken windows and had obviously been searched and at daybreak more locals came forward with similar complaints.

District Judge Susan Williams banned Brackley from the three streets as a condition of bail announcing: “At least those that live in those roads can sleep easily in their beds.”

“You were very clearly out of control,” she told father-of-two Brackley.

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