Sunday, 18 December 2016

City Insurance Broker's Drunken Uber Row

A drunken City insurance broker kicked an Uber driver’s door, causing £1200 worth of damage, during a £5 row over a booking mix-up.

Rupert Phoenix, 28, a broker at Hayward Aviation - Europe’s largest aircraft insurer - also ground his foot into the paintwork before making off.

Fortunately he was traced by police via his original online booking to his home in Adelaide Square, Bedford and invited to Wandsworth Police Station for questioning.

He pleaded guilty to causing criminal damage to a VW Passat, owned by Theo Nwachuku in Lower Richmond Road on September 17.

Prosecutor Miss Saliha Ayub told Wimbledon Magistrates Court it was 8.40pm when Phoenix, who had just drunk four pints, got in the cab.

“The driver said hello, but Mr. Phoenix did not reply and the driver noticed a smell of alcohol.”

The driver thought the booking was for Fulham, but Phoenix insisted he wanted to go to St. Pancras railway station.

“There was an argument in the cab and the driver said he would not continue and Mr. Phoenix got out.

“He slammed the door then kicked the door and rubbed his foot on it.

“Mr. Nwachuku got out to confront Mr. Phoenix, who was walking away from the scene, and he denied all knowledge of causing any damage.”

The first-time offender was questioned by police once traced. “He said there was an argument and the driver had been rude to him.

“He said he had four pints and was fairly drunk.”

Phoenix told the court: “I think part of the argument was that something had gone wrong with the system and he was charging me five pounds.

“My actions that night were reckless and idiotic.”

He was conditionally discharged for six months, ordered to pay £1200 compensation for the damage, plus £85 costs and a £20 victim surcharge.

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