Tuesday, 13 December 2016

"F*** Judai" Synagogue Vandal Receives Suspended Prison Sentence

Pinner Synagogue
A vandal who spray-painted 'F*** Judai' on the outside wall of Pinner Synagogue has received a suspended prison sentence.

Homeless Kamil Malmon, 33, was caught on the synagogue's CCTV at 5.52am spraying the offensive words and was identified and arrested two weeks later.

He was convicted at Brent Magistrates Court of one count of religiously-aggravated criminal damage on June 10 and was sentenced to twenty-six weeks imprisonment, suspended for twelve months.

The court heard the synagogue's caretaker spotted the words and called the police, who took photos.

On June 28 a man on security duty called the police after identifying Malmon passing outside as the suspect caught on CCTV.

When stopped he denied the offence and told the officers: “Show me the evidence. I want to see CCTV.”

Malmon eventually conceded he was the suspect caught on CCTV, but denied spraying the offensive words.

However, the court viewed CCTV which clearly showed him removing something from his pocket and moving his arm in a spraying action directly outside the synagogue.

Malmon was also ordered to pay £620 court costs and a £115 victim surcharge. 

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