Friday, 9 December 2016

Woman Denies Chessington World Of Adventures Shoe Assault In Lift

A Leeds woman, accused of striking another woman over the head with a shoe during a row in a hotel lift, has appeared in court for the first time.

Katie O'Connor, 30, of Cross Heath Grove, Beeston claims she acted in self-defence.

She pleaded not guilty to assaulting Amy Bishop, causing her actual bodily harm, at the Safari Hotel, Chessington World of Adventures, south-west London.

O'Connor was bailed to return to Wimbledon Magistrates Court for an all-day trial on February 3, next year.

Prosecutor Miss Kerry Lingard told the court: “The defendant got into a lift the complainant was already in and there was a verbal altercation.

“It escalated with the defendant pulling the complainant's hair and hitting her on the head with a shoe heel, causing a small cut.”

The wound did not require stitches and was glued. 

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