Thursday, 3 November 2016

Ex-Scout Master Accused Of Molesting Four Young Boys In The 70's

An ex-scout master molested four young boys during camping trips, swimming lessons and visits to his garden workshop four decades ago, a jury were told.

Terry Figg, 67, of Cook Road, Stevenage, Hertfordshire preyed on the boys, including two brothers, all aged between ten and fourteen years-old throughout the 1970’s, the court heard.

They were all members of Crofton Oak scout group, based in Orpington, south-east London and it was a BBC documentary concerning abuse within the youth organisation that prompted the complaints against Figg.

He has pleaded not guilty at Croydon Crown Court to fourteen counts of indecently assaulting the boys between April 29, 1970 and December 2, 1980.

Prosecutor Mr. William Eagleton said: “They all took place in either the workshop behind Mr. Figg’s house, where he’d rigged-up a bed and a television, or on camping trips or when swimming in Swanley.”

The first complainant enjoyed working on cars and motorbikes and says he was first groped between the legs in Figg’s workshop.

“Mr. Figg came up behind him and fondled him over his clothing and showed him pornographic pictures.”

The boy was similarly fondled between the legs on  camping trip. “He remembers Mr. Figg reaching down into his sleeping bag and feeling him.”

The jury were told the abuse escalated back at the workshop with Figg encouraging the boy to lie on top of him on the bed as he performed a sex act on the youngster.

“In the swimming pool he remembers Mr. Figg taking hold of him and fondling him over his swimming trunks.”

The complainant reported Figg to The Scout Association in 2009, but it was only after two others reported the defendant following the 2014 documentary that he was contacted by police.

The second complainant claims Figg first molested him during swimming lessons. “He remembers the defendant cupping his genitals and on getting out of the pool pushing his bottom.

“He remembers being shown pornographic pictures and remembers Mr. Figg exposing himself to him.”

The prosecutor said Figg also repeatedly performed a sex act on the boy in the workshop. “That went on for a year or more.”

The third complainant was an off-road vehicle enthusiast. “They would go to trialling events all over the country,” explained Mr. Eagleton.

“Once when camping he woke during the night and Mr. Figg had reached down his sleeping bag and was touching him.”

The jury were told the boy was similarly abused like the others in the workshop as was the fourth complainant.

Figg is also said to have groped him between the legs during a swimming trip.

Figg maintains none of the events occurred and the trial is expected to last two weeks.

Trial continues………….

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