Monday, 21 November 2016

Pop Star Finley Quaye Headbutted Pal During 'Game Of Thrones' Row

Shame of Thrones: Quaye Leaving Court
Nineties pop star Finley Quaye headbutted his dying friend, who was more interested in watching Game of Thrones than paying the musician the attention he demanded.

The Edinburgh-born singer, 42, scooped a Brit Award in 1998 for Best British Male Solo Artist, following the release of his million-selling debut album Maverick a Strike.

However he was bankrupted in 2012, owing the taxman £383,000, and Highbury Corner Magistrates Court heard he now earns a living from £500-a time gigs and online music sales.

He denied, but was convicted of assaulting Julian Ashley at the victim’s flat at Pioneer House, 46 Britannia Street, King’s Cross on June 27.

Quaye, of Tennyson Road, Stockport was placed on probation for twelve months, ordered to perform 250 hours community service and pay £620 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

Prosecutor Miss Alexa Morgan told the court: “The victim has known the defendant for thirty years and is suffering from terminal cancer.

“He is frail and needs a mobility scooter and assistance at home.

“He was watching television when the defendant came to the door and after letting him in continued watching.

“The defendant took exception to that and said: ‘Aren’t I more important than Game of Thrones?’

“He became abusive and lost his temper and Mr. Ashley decided to escort him from the flat.

“Without warning he headbutted Mr. Ashley, causing a split to his nose and extensive bruising.”

In his statement the victim said: “I returned inside and sat with a wet cloth on my nose, which was bleeding and called the police, but declined an ambulance.

“I’m shocked someone would do this to a person as ill as I am.”

Quaye has 22 previous convictions and Miss Morgan added: “The defendant has a history of violent offending.”

His lawyer Miss Samira Noor-Khan said: “He was a very successful musician, but for various reasons, mainly bad investments and debts, he was made bankrupt.

“He is allowed to keep profits from live performances and online sales, but the biggest sum, his £35,000 a year royalties, goes towards his bankruptcy.”

She estimated his current income at £10-11,000 a year. 

“He had been due to fly out for a show in Europe the next day, but it was cancelled and he arrived at the complainant’s home stressed and anxious.

“He expresses a great deal of remorse for that headbutt. It was a single headbutt and not a sustained or repeated assault. It was an impulsive action.

“He’s living with his cousin in Manchester now because of the lower rehearsal costs and his accountants are up there. That’s going to be his new base.”

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