Saturday, 19 November 2016

NOT GUILTY: Guernsey Businessman Innocent Of Bum Grope Claim

The businessman founder of Guernsey FC has been acquitted of groping a waitress’ bottom while enjoying the hospitality of Wembley Stadium’s Bobby Moore Room during an England international. 

Stephen Dewsnip, 49, of L’hirondelle, Ruette Des Marottes, Castel, Guernsey was found not guilty of one count of sexual assault on September 8, last year.

“I never held my hand over a girl’s bottom and did not touch anyone inappropriately or accidentally. What’s being suggested is totally beyond belief,” he told the Harrow Crown Court jury.

They unanimously cleared him today after approximately thirty minutes and Dewsnip closed his eyes and looked upwards in relief.

The young student claimed Dewsnip pulled her towards him and fondled her bottom after the England v Switzerland Euro qualifier.

The father-of-two was arrested at the stadium before the England v France friendly on November 17 shortly after arriving with his girlfriend.

“I was taken into a side room and met three police officers and we were totally shocked. We couldn’t believe what was happening.”

He spent nearly three hours in a cell before answering all questions to police, denying the complaint.

“I thought it would go away and I am astounded that it’s on trial here.”

He said the allegation emerged after he made numerous complaints about the standard of hospitality to one of the suite’s supervisor’s, Thomas Duffy, who supported the waitresses account.

Dewsnip’s lawyer Mr. John Cooper QC told the jury: “He’s got it in for Mr. Dewsnip. He doesn’t like him, he’s got it in for him.

“They’ve put their heads together on this. 

“They’ve decided, because of long-running problems between the defendant and Mr. Duffy, to take this chance to get rid of him, to give him a bloody nose.”

Such behaviour by Dewsnip, a man of good character, would be to: “Commit personal, professional and repetitional suicide,” added the QC.

The defendant’s business guest that night was Geneva-based trust fund expert Christopher Coleridge-Cole, who described Dewsnip as: “An extremely nice, pleasant man. Professional and efficient.

“I’ve never heard him swear, I’ve never seen him drunk.”

He estimated the pair consumed two bottles of wine between them during the course of the evening and recalled an issue between his friend and manager Thomas Duffy.

“There was clearly some kind of altercation between Steve and this chap. He made a comment that he was fed up with the bloke. It must have been the service, I don’t know.”

When asked if he saw the defendant touching anyone that night he replied: “None at all, no one.

“I was utterly dumbfounded when Steve told me about this, so surprised. It is not his nature to be coarse, rude, vulgar.

“This suggestion of what he’s supposed to have done with the waitress is beyond my imagination.

“He doesn’t get drunk, he coaches young footballers. The whole thing is so, so entirely out of character in so many ways.

“When I left him he was as sober as a judge.” 

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