Thursday, 17 November 2016

Guernsey FC Businessman Denies Groping Waitress's Bum At Wembley Stadium Suite

A businessman fondled a young waitresses bottom during “alcohol-fuelled” hospitality at Wembley Stadium’s Bobby Moore Room following an England international, a court heard yesterday.

Founder and ex-Chairman of Guernsey FC Stephen Dewsnip, 49, - an £8,000 a year member of the exclusive suite - pulled the woman towards him and groped her as she collected glasses, the jury were told.

The full-time student from Greenwich told Harrow Crown Court: “He reached an arm out behind me and pulled me towards him and he did fondle my bum.

“He pulled me right up next to him and continued the conversation and did not acknowledge what was happening.

“I felt unable to protest. I was working and we have to be polite and I tried not to make contact with him. It’s very hard to know how to react.

“I felt like I was there quite a long time, but in reality, minutes I’d say. I was shaken and some co-workers tried to reassure me.”

When Dewsnip’s defence team suggested she could have resisted the young woman replied: “I wouldn’t dare.”

The court heard it was the night of the England v Switzerland Euro qualifier and Dewsnip, who works in financial services, had a designated member’s.

Prosecutor Miss Chetna Patel said: “It’s an exclusive restaurant and Mr. Dewsnip had his own table.

“The complainant was working as a waitress and towards the end of the evening, after the match, she was busy collecting glasses from tables.

“This defendant was sitting on his own, in conversation with the floor manager Thomas Duffy.

“He also engaged her in conversation and without invitation, suddenly and deliberately he reached around her body and pulled her closer to him and then began to fondle her bottom.

“That fondling of her bottom was witnessed by Mr. Duffy and the complainant made her excuses and left.

“The prosecution say the defendant’s actions were fuelled by alcohol, were deliberate and not accidental.”

Dewsnip was arrested when he returned to the suite for the England v France friendly international on November 17 and was questioned.

“He denied the allegation and and said he had not done it and had no recollection of touching someone’s bottom accidentally.”

The woman and Mr. Duffy  picked-out Dewsnip at an identity parade at Wembley Police Station last January.

The young woman also told the jury: “The man greeted me in conversation and said he noticed me smiling earlier in the evening.”

The defence have questioned why Mr. Duffy did not intervene. “He was in a similar position to me,” she said. “Not knowing how to react.”

She said Dewsnip groped her with one hand as he hugged her with the other.

Dewsnip, of L’hirondelle, Ruette Des Marottes, Castel, Guernsey has pleaded not guilty to one count of sexual assault on September 8, last year.

Trial continues……….. 

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