Tuesday, 15 November 2016

No Lady: Aristo's Ex Jailed For Attacking Pensioner And Daughter

Locked-Up: Badley
The former fiancé of Prince Charles' aristocratic godson, the Hon Nicholas Knatchbull, has been jailed for attacking a pensioner and her daughter in the street.

Homeless mum-of-three Zeaphena Badley, 34, was once destined to become Lady Brabourne, but has been staging a one-woman “dirty protest” at HMP Bronzefield.

She refused to leave her jail cell for her trial at Hammersmith Magistrates Court yesterday, where she was convicted of assaulting Lai Wah Kan, 68, and 43 year-old Wai Yue Sincer.

Drug-addict Badley, who split with Eton-educated Knatchbull - heir to a £100m fortune - in 2011 was sentenced to twelve weeks imprisonment.

She was evicted form her £600,000 Bayswater apartment four years ago and has been virtually homeless since, clocking up a total of 19 criminal convictions.

Was Yue told the court she had just left Marks and Spencer at 11.30am on September 29 with her parents and was walking towards Edgware Road Underground Station when they were attacked in Chapel Street.

“The next minute my mother was on the ground. She fell quite hard, I thought she had tripped.

“I heard a woman screaming at her, saying my mother had called her Satan. 

“I confronted her and told her my mother can’t speak English and she was shouting back: ‘Don’t provoke me.’

Lai Wah Kan & Wai Yue Sincer
“She hit me in the face, I didn’t see it coming until the impact. Maybe it was a slap and it was throbbing for the rest of the day.

“I was shocked, distressed. You don’t think that kind of thing is going to happen to you.”

Her mother Lai Wah said: “Someone pushed me from behind very, very heavily and I fell down.

“Lots of people came round to help me up and the woman, who had been sitting outside Marks and Spencer’s, was shouting and screaming at me.

“My daughter was speaking to her and she pushed my daughter away and slapped her in the face.

“My arm was painful and my left leg was all bruised and red. I was very unhappy and upset, it hurt a lot and I had difficulty sleeping.”

A plain-clothes police officer arrested and handcuffed dreadlocked Badley, who was wearing jogging bottom and a black top.

“She seemed to be suffering mental health issues,” said PC Paul Penrose. “She was incoherent and talking about demons coming to cleanse the world.”

Prosecutor Mr. Sena Frimpong told the court: “Badley was shouting and screaming aggressively at them and punched Miss Sincer in the face.

“She told the police she had been called Satan by the complainants and talked about demons coming to Earth.”

Deputy District Judge Shlomo Kreiman announced: “The defendant has deliberately absented herself and made it abundantly clear she does not wish to participate in a trial in this court.

“This was an unprovoked attack on two females and one of them is sixty-eight years-old and was attacked from behind.

“Neither victim provoked the defendant into behaving the way she did.”

Badley received twenty weeks imprisonment last January for a separate assault and will be released immediately from this sentence because she has been locked-up on the charge since her arrest.

She will not have to pay costs or compensation to the victims.

She was engaged for eighteen months to Knatchbull, who has the courtesy title Lord Romsey, and is the son of Lord Brabourne, a childhood friend of Prince Charles.

He was raised in the sixty-room Broadlands stately home, Hampshire, but struggled with drug addiction, including heroin and crack cocaine use, since his schooldays and began a relationship with Badley when they started sharing a room in a west London house.

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