Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Stalker Harassed MP Stella Creasy With Violent Imagery

Stalker: Loughlin
A feminist, who bombarded Labour MP Stella Creasy with such violent imagery for twenty-one months the politician feared for the safety of herself and her family, has received a suspended prison sentence.

Stalker Corinna Anne Loughlin, 44, turned up at an anti-rape rally the MP participated in and would email her about events she attended and what she was wearing.

She is now also banned from contacting Ms Creasy after Hendon Magistrates Court made her subject to an indefinite restraining order.

Loughlin, of Kemp, The Concourse, Colindale pleaded guilty to stalking the MP between January 1, 2015 and September 16, this year.

She was sentenced to six months imprisonment, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay a £115 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

The court heard Ms Creasy, the MP for Walthamstow, was bombarded with emails and letters at her Waltham Forest Labour Party Office.

MP: Stella Creasy
Loughlin told the police she began emailing the Sutton Coldfield-born politician in support of her campaign to have author Jane Austen on the back of the new £5 note, but the communication got out of hand.

“The complainant Stella Creasy began receiving emails from Corinna Loughlin approximately two years ago and they came from different email addresses,” said prosecutor Miss Balbir Suri.

“The emails caused concern due to the nature of the language and the content, which included delusional thoughts about harming other people.

“The MP received emails almost everyday and sometimes five or six a day and they often contained abusive language towards other public figures.

“She also described Ms Creasy’s public appearances and what she was wearing, making the MP believe she was monitoring her closely.”

Death threats were made about well-known individuals, including musician Mark Ronson, and Loughlin also wrote: “I really need some f***ing money.”

She turned her attention to another individual she described as a: “Fat ugly queer.”

The MP never replied, hoping to discourage Loughlin, but the emails torrent continued.

“She felt harassed by the sheer number of emails and distressed by the violent language,” added Miss Suri.

Loughlin went to a rally outside the Indian embassy in June, which the MP also attended. 

“Loughlin began sending emails mentioning other members of Ms Creasy’s family she had met outside the embassy.

“Ms Creasy felt Loughlin was fixated on her life and family and was a person with violent tendencies who may attend her office or other events, making her feel vulnerable.”

She was arrested on September 16. “She apologised and said she meant Stella Creasy no harm.

“She said she had followed Ms Creasy’s because she was a feminist, as she was, and would now follow a real feminist, Theresa May.

“It is clear to see the escalation of the stalking and the nature of these messages were clearly disturbing.”

In a statement to police the MP said: “She was delusional about harming other people and made me fear for my safety. The language used was distressing.”

Her lawyer told the court: “She was suffering from a breakdown.

“She was clearly not herself and this morning she found it very, very difficult and finds this embarrassing.

“She is remorseful and the court needs to know her state of mind and what she was suffering.

“Looking back now she is upset that she would do that.”

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