Thursday, 24 November 2016

What A Pain: Chiropractor To The Stars Thumped Motorist During Road-Rage Commute

Punch: van Schalkwyk
A chiropractor to the stars, who has treated One Direction’s Liam Payne at his private clinic, punched a driver in the face during a road-rage confrontation after warning: “I will f*** you up.”

Dr. Robert van Schalkwyk, 43, sent the victim’s specs flying across the inside of his vehicle after becoming angry about being cut-up during his early-morning motorbike commute.

He is the owner of FulhamBackCare, based at the Chelsea & Fulham Chiropractic Centre, Parsons Green, where he’s also seen singers Dido, Holly Jonson and Danii Minogue.

At Croydon Magistrates Court on Wednesday he was convicted of assaulting Francesco Rucco in Green Lane, Sutton and was conditionally discharged for eighteen months.

He was riding his powerful 1200cc motorbike from his £800,00 five-bedroom home at 28 Heatherlea Grove, Worcester Park to the clinic at 7.15am on May 27.

“He cut off my line of traffic and I was forced onto the opposite side of the road to avoid getting hit,” van Schalkwyk told the court. “Facing oncoming traffic made me scared basically.

“I hooted to let him know of my presence and he gave me a two fingers up sign and it went through my head he was a dangerous driver.”

At traffic lights the doctor tapped on Mr. Rucco’s window and the driver opened it halfway.

“He said: ‘I will f*** you up’ and he punched me, he punched me with the right hand,” the victim told the magistrates.

Rucco: Specs Sent Flying
“I was wearing glasses and they were knocked off onto the other seat,” added Mr. Rucco, denying he flicked the v-sign or made “donkey” noises towards van Schalkwyk.

He took himself to hospital, suffering pain to his nose and the right side of his face.

An eye-witness confirmed the doctor threw a punch through the open window and made contact with the driver, but van Schalkwyk claimed he was merely shaking his fist.

He rode off after the attack, but the witness had filmed his bike’s number plate and he was traced.

Father-of-two van Schalkwyk claimed: “I wanted to make him aware he almost knocked me down back at that junction.

“He started shouting back that it was my fault and that I was clearly speeding. He was angry.

“I was a bit emotional and did ask him if he was: ‘f***ed up.’ I was expecting an apology.”

He was also ordered to pay £625 costs and a £30 victim surcharge and bench chairman Richard Gould told him: “Regardless of what happened that day it could have been avoided.

“I am sure you will leave today having learned when and when not to engage.”

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