Saturday, 20 May 2017

Charity's IT Tutor Nicked £25,000

Leaving Court: Saeed
An IT tutor at a charity for young jobseekers, who secretly ordered £25,000 worth of computer equipment he then sold off, has received a suspended prison sentence.

Qasim Saeed, 26, needed the cash after being forced from his muslim family’s home when they disapproved of his relationship with a christian girlfriend.

He pleaded guilty to stealing £25,378.99 between November 24, 2016 and January 13, this year from Walworth’s Second Chance charity.

Inner London Crown Court heard Saeed, of Cecil Road, Ilford taught 18-25 year-olds, some of them ex-offenders, IT skills and was responsible for ordering computer equipment.

On the charity’s website he says: “Being at Second Chance gives me the opportunity to combine my love for IT and my enthusiasm to help young people achieve meaningful careers.

“My IT workshops are focused on giving trainees real life IT skills that are needed in a working environment.”

His lawyer Miss Priya Malhotra told the court: “It pains him that he was someone that deprived that charity of funds.

“His muslim family has a very traditional background and when he fell in love with a christian woman he kept if from his family because he knew they’d disapprove.

“He was compelled to run away from home and his family reported him missing and the police found him in Milton Keynes.

Saeed: Walking Free
“He left home after his father threatened to commit suicide.”

Now a £400-a day IT consultant Saeed claims he spent much of the money on hotel rooms and to repay debts.

Recorder Sir Geoffrey Nice QC told Saeed: It’s a serious offence made worse by the nature of the body from whom you took goods.

“You also have the unusual good fortune that the charity you defrauded don’t want you to go to prison and have taken a very understanding attitude.

“This is an agonising experience as a result of your own actions.”

Saeed was sentenced to 18 months imprisonment, suspended for 2 years, ordered to complete 150 hours community service and repay the chair in full within 18 months.

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