Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Engineer Guilty Of Racist "Terrorist" Outburst At Heathrow's Passport Control

Guilty: Timothy Wynne-Jones 
A chartered engineer told Asian Border Force officers at Heathrow Airport: “Your kind are going to let terrorists into the country,” when held-up during a routine passport check.

Timothy Alban Wynne-Jones, 54, was told his passport would have to pass a forgery check and replied: “So, you’re not going to let me into the country. You’re going to let these terrorists into the country.”

Wynne-Jones, of Beechcroft Avenue, Rickmansworth was convicted of two counts of racially aggravated harassment towards officers Afsheen Raja, 36 and Naheed Yacub, 34 on January 22, last year.

He was bailed until June 15 for sentencing and will be allowed to continue travelling abroad extensively for work.

Isleworth Crown Court heard Wynne-Jones presented his British passport at Terminal Four after a trip to Bulgaria.

The microchip could not be opened and when he heard a supervisor named Harpreet was needed Wynne-Jones responded: “Another Indian? There are far too many Indians protecting the border.”

Prosecutor Mr. Alec Williams told the court: “Rather than wait Mr. Wynne-Jones’ response is to get annoyed and become racially abusive.”

The jury heard that as a bearded Asian male passed through passport control Wynne-Jones added: “Ah look. You’re letting a terrorist through. I’m the only British person here, you’re all terrorists.”

Mr. Williams said Wynne-Jones continued: “Look. A terrorist protecting the border. Brown people should not be protecting the border, you’re all terrorists.”

“He also tried to push through the gate before clearing passport control.”

Naheed Yacub & Afsheen Raja
When questioned by police Wynne-Jones conceded he may have been abrupt, but denied using the racist words.

Officer Raja told the jury: “He seemed a little aggressive, talking quite loudly.

“He said: ‘When are you going to stop letting the Bulgars into the country?’

“He asked me that several times, but I ignored him.”

When his passport was taken for a forgery check Wynne-Jones became more annoyed. “He said it was the British government issuing these Mickey Mouse passports.” added Mr. Williams.

When the forgery officer returned he asked: “Are you checking that I’m British?”

Officer Raja took offence at the ‘your kind’ comment. “I felt because I’m of Asian origin he was referring to my race.”

Officer Yacub told the jury: “He laughed and said to me: ‘Ah look. We have a terrorist protecting the border.’

“He said I wasn’t British and I didn’t have a British passport.”

Afterwards she said: “This is a groundbreaking case for Border Force. This is the first successful prosecution of this kind we’ve had.

“We won’t tolerate abuse and this case is a lesson for officers not to take it. We can’t tolerate this racism.

“He assumed being a respectable businessman would bring him a not guilty verdict. 

“He was arrogant, authoritative, dismissive and said we were not good at our jobs.

“All this stuff about brown people and terrorism has to stop. We are the people who make the system work.”

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