Thursday, 4 May 2017

NOT GUILTY: Harrods Style Advisor Cleared Of Expressing Macabre Sense Of Humour

Innocent: Marconi
A young Harrods style advisor, accused of harassing a female Louis Vuitton colleague with macabre ‘throat slitting’ humour and dark images has been cleared.

Giacomo Marcolin, 21, worked in the Knightsbridge department store alongside Tabitha Gray, who claimed he enjoyed boasting about wanting to kill people.

Italian Marcolin, of The Hale, Tottenham always insisted his comments were in fun and a shoe murder clip was from a popular movie. 

He was found not guilty of the harassment between July 1 and September 27, last year of Tabitha Elise Gray by repeated contact, making threats to kill others and her and showing her violent video clips.

He is now a sales consultant and style advisor at Liberty, having previously worked for luxury brand Kurt Geiger.

He claims he was innocently quoting lines from U.S. tv show ‘American Horror Stories’ and the shoe murder clip was from horror movie ‘True Blood’.

“On the first day I met him I sensed there was something different. He’s an interesting character, not like anyone I’ve met before,” Ms Gray told Hammersmith Magistrates Court last week.

Tabitha leaving court
“We were in the back of house at Louis Vuitton and he expressed he wanted to commit the crime of killing people.

“He knew that I was someone who was frightened easily and took advantage of that. He said he would slit my throat last so he could see my reaction.”

She told the court Marcolin also showed her a violent horror movie clip on the department’s computer. “It was someone being beaten with a heel and that made me uncomfortable and he knew it made me uncomfortable.

“I left the stock room and from that moment onwards we did not remain the friends we were prior to that.

“He showed me a photo on his phone he had taken of a dead fox in the road. He showed no remorse he was enjoying he had this dead fox to show people.

“I believe he enjoyed it. It was something he liked looking at.”

She said she reported him to management after he told her: “You will be” when she said sorry for stepping on his foot.

“He said: ‘It’s not a threat, it’s a promise,’ and that was the final straw.”

Prosecutor Mr. Robert Simpson told the court: “The conduct is making various threatening comments about slitting peoples throats and showing two clips.

“One was of a fox lying dead in the road and the other was a girl being beaten to death with a shoe.” 

In her statement to police Ms Gray reported Marcolin saying: “I would like to kill everyone.”

“He was not saying it as a joke,” she told the court. “I was shocked that he would say that.”

After reporting Marcolin he was suspended and she told police: “I have not been able to sleep well since he was suspended in case he wanted to hurt me.”

She told the magistrates: “I was genuinely worried he would come back with a vengeance. That he would have more anger.

“I started using different doors at Harrods, coming and going from work. I was on high alert.”

Ms Gray’s Louis Vuitton colleague Asim Shuja told the court he overheard Marcolin chatting to her. “It was along the lines of Giacomo committing mass murder, which got my attention.

“It was really uncomfortable for me to hear someone talking like this. I was shocked and Tabitha was very shocked as well.”

Marcolin told the court he accidentally revealed the dead fox image when showing Ms Gray pictures of his new studio flat and was not seriously making death threats.

“I said it not in a way I meant it. I have not killed anyone up to now and see no reason why I should.

“She never gave any sign of her feeling harassed. She did not seem shocked or anything, I thought she understood I was joking.”

He showed her the shoe clip because the murder weapon was similar to footwear they sold at Harrods, said Marcolin and he joked about Tabitha doing the same thing to her ex-boyfriend’s new girl.

“Her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend was on Italian Big Brother and she obviously wasn’t over it. 

“The girl that killed the other girl is blond and I said: ‘Imagine you doing that to her.’

“I don’t spend my time talking about killing people or dead people,” he insisted.

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