Wednesday, 10 May 2017

GUILTY: Dad Convicted Of Thumping Son During Drunken Row After 'Boro's Play-Off Loss

Guilty: Mark McKenna Sr.
A father, who decked his teenage son during a drunken family row near Wembley stadium after enduring Middlesbrough FC’s play-off final defeat two seasons ago, has been convicted.

Mark McKenna ,45, was seen by police punching Mark McKenna Jr., 18, to the ground, leaving the youngster spitting blood, Harrow Crown Court heard.

The jury convicted him of inflicting grievous bodily harm on his son and he was bailed to June 9 for a pre-sentence report.

He was found not guilty of the more serious charge of causing GBH, with intent, outside a pub on May 25, 2015.

McKenna Sr., of Matford Avenue, Middlesbrough claimed he was the peace maker during the family’s post-match drinking session and was leading his son away.

Doctors later discovered McKenna Jr’s jaw was fractured in two placed, but it may have already broken after a weekend of brawling with family members and a pre-trip fight.

The family had travelled to London the day before, but their team were defeated 2-0 by Norwich City, who were promoted to the Premier League.

Mark McKenna Jr.
McKenna Sr. told police he had nine beers that day and intervened outside a pub when his son attacked his cousin Sam just before midnight.

He says his son then turned on him and McKenna Sr.’s father, Derek, 65, had to step in. “He attacked me and his grandad had to drag him off.

“I think I hit him back for hitting me, the top of his head, it was not hard. I was angry for him attacking me, there was no need for it.”

McKenna Sr. insists this blow could not have fractured his son’s jaw because it was aimed at the top of his head and didn’t knock him over.

Earlier McKenna Jr. reluctantly gave evidence and confirmed he had a fight in Middlesbrough on the eve of the trip that left his face swollen.

He had five or six cans of beer before the match and was angry with Sam. “He was winding me up and intimidating me, saying he was going to boot some respect into me.”

McKenna Jr. has three fights with Sam on the matchday, decking him twice and wanted to continue brawling when his father split them up.

He admitted punching his father, almost knocking him over, and “squaring up” as his dad tried to lead him away.

“I wanted him to get out of the way to get to Sam,” McKenna Jr. told the jury, admitting he was ready to strike his father again.

A passing police officer watched the confrontation and witnessed McKenna Sr. decking his son with a single blow.

He was taken to Northwick Park Hospital for treatment to a double jaw fracture.

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