Saturday, 25 March 2017

Angry Boat Owner's Race-Row With Walbrook Rowing Club's Youth Coach

A boat owner shouted: “I’m going to knock your block off,” during a racially-charged confrontation with a rowing club coach on the bank of the Thames.

Pallbearer Douglas Pope, 69, said: “This is what happens when you let foreigners into the country,” during his row with the mixed-race youth rowing coach George Nottidge.

Pope, of Ardrossan Gardens, Worcester Park was convicted of racially-aggravated harassment in Trolock Way, Teddington on November 6.

At Wimbledon Magistrates Court he fought the charge, but was fined £450, with £625 costs and ordered to pay a £45 victim surcharge.

Pope was putting away his boat when he got into the row with members of Walbrook Rowing Club, who had a youth crew on the water with Mr. Nottidge following in a small motor launch.

It was 11.25am when Mr. Nottidge issued a loud warning shout towards a sailing boat entering the rowing crew’s line.

Pope shouted out: “Why don’t you try lowering your voice?”

He admitted the “knock your block off” threat, but says he was called a “white bastard” and had Mr. Nottidge “screaming” at him.

He said the “foreigner” comment was a reference to the victim’s unfamiliarity with waterway rules.

Mr. Nottidge told the court he was coaching 16-18 year-olds in five rowing boats when at least ten sailing boats entered their channel.

“I know of Mr Pope and he shouted very aggressively for me to lower my voice.

“He was very angry and there was thirty seconds of increasingly loud exchanges.

“I told him to try not to swear in front of all the kids.

“We had called the police in the past and were told to do it again if anything happened.

“He called me over to the bank to: ‘Knock my block off.’”

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