Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Morrisons Supermarket Boss Denies Rape And Sexual Assault Of Two Female Workers

A Morrisons supermarket assistant manager twice raped a female staff member in his office and molested a checkout girl, a court heard.

Yogesh Parmar, 38, invented reasons for the women to see him in the store’s office, where he closed the door behind them and pounced, the jury were told.

Parmar, of Glenavon Gardens, Slough has pleaded not guilty to two counts of raping the cash administrator at Morrisons, 113 Shepherd’s Bush Green in May and June, 2015. 

He also denies sexually assaulting the till operator the year before on November 1, 2014.

The rape complainant sadly died of cancer last year and the second woman no longer works at that particular store.

Prosecutor Mr. Richard Burrington told Isleworth Crown Court: “He abused his position and took sexual advantage of two members of staff.

“The cash administrator asked the defendant to sign some paperwork and he asked her to come into his office and closed the door.

“He said he forgot how to perform a task on his computer and after she assisted and was leaving he stopped her and asked her to shut the door and come back.

“She did not want to and was right to be wary because this defendant unzipped his trousers and forced her down by the shoulders.”

The jury were told the woman was then raped by Parmar.

“When the ordeal was over she took herself to the toilets and says she felt horrible, but felt she could not talk to anyone.”

The following month Parmar complained she took too long a lunch break, explained Mr. Burrington.

“The defendant used this dispute to instruct her to come to the office.

“He told her he was going to punish her and what happened the month before was repeated.

“She was somewhat shellshocked and was worried people might not believe her.”

Eventually she reported Parmar to her manager and the police, who examined a similar complaint he was cleared of by bosses in 2014.

“This defendant was excessively tactile on many occasions and on this instance the till operator was invited into his office at 10pm.

“He closed the door and grabbed her and began molesting her, touching her all over,” said Mr. Burrington.

“He lifted her off her feet and tried forcefully to kiss her while gnashing his teeth.

“He put his hand over her shirt and pushed it down over her bra. She told him to stop, but was ignored.”

Parma was arrested and questioned, suggesting the women’s motivations to report him were questionable.

“He denied all the allegations and said the rape complainant was performing poorly and he had a stern word with her.

“It amounted to a verbal warning and he told her she would be subject to disciplinary proceedings and put on some sort of programme.

“He said it was the till operator that was always tactile and flirtatious with him.

“He said that night she touched his shoulder, pinched his cheek and asked for a lift home.

“Mr. Parmar suggested she fabricated her account because he refused to give her a lift home.”

Trial continues……………. 

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