Friday, 31 March 2017

JAILHOUSE SHOCK: Paedophile 'DJ Elvis' Gets 14 Years For Raping Young Girl

Graham Horrix - aka DJ Elvis
Mobile disco entertainer ‘DJ Elvis’ has been jailed for 14 years for raping a young girl on the mattress in the back of his touring van over two decades ago.

Graham Horrix, 59, had a collection of porn and a quantity of condoms as well as his music equipment in the vehicle and has previous convictions for sexually abusing other young girls.

The father-of-two, of Priestwood Avenue, Bracknell was convicted of two counts of raping the girl when she was aged between four and fourteen years-old.

He was also convicted of three counts of indecently assaulting the girl in the Clapham area of south-west London, with the abuse starting when she was only five years-old.

The counts relate to a ten-year span between 1989 and 1999 and Horrix appeared in the dock at Kingston-upon-Thames Crown Court  sporting his trademark dyed-black Elvis-style quiff.

The complainant, now aged 31 years-old, told the court he also raped her on the bathroom floor of the house he was staying at.

After the verdicts she said: “Well, today I finally got the news I’ve waited so long to hear. The disgusting, vile paedophile Graham Horrix is now in prison.

“I have spent so much of my life feeling ashamed of what happened, made worse by it being constantly dismissed and being told to forget about it.

“He was found guilty this morning and was sent straight to prison, where he will be staying for a very long time. He will no longer have any control over me.”

She told the jury during the trial: “He’d always entice me and say: ‘Let’s listen to some music.’

“He would always put music on first, silly songs like: ‘I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts.’

All Shook Up: Horrix 
“He boasted about other females and said they had sex in the van and asked me if I was jealous, saying: ‘You’re not my only special girl.’

“He had his deejay equipment and mattress in the back of the van and porn and condoms.

“He’d get the porn magazines out and had these porn playing cards and make me look through the whole packet.”

Prosecutor Miss Corinne Bramwell said the first incident occurred in the toilet block near Horrix’s seaside caravan.

“He touched her chest and put his hand inside her knickers.

“He touched her and kissed her on the mouth and forced his tongue into her mouth when they were alone in the caravan.

“When she was alone in the van Mr. Horrix used that opportunity to sexually abuse her and she describes wanting to scream, but being too frightened to do so.”

He also encouraged the girl to wash his hair, added Miss Bramwell : “He’d splash water on her and suggest she took her top off and would touch her breasts.”

Horrix also forced her to give him oral sex, the jury were told. “She says she was scared and in fear during this period of her life.”

During the van rape he told her: “You’re a big girl now,” explained the prosecutor.

“He was rough, she says. Pulling her jeans down, pushing her legs apart and raping her.”

The second rape occurred in Horrix’s bathroom. “He forced her to straddle him and forced her down onto him.

“She says it was very painful.”

The woman reported Horrix to the police in March, 2015, explaining: “I wasn’t the only one it happened to. There could be a lot of other people out there.”

Today, Recorder Sallie Bennett-Jenkins QC told Horrix, who maintains his innocence: “They are grave offences. You were an adult yet committed a range of sexual offences against a child, who was young and extremely vulnerable.

“She was a child who had her innocence stripped from her by your brutal actions and she has suffered severe psychological harm.”

Referring to the probation report on Horrix she added: “There is an entire lack of insight or sympathy and in the report there is an identification of future risk.”

Horrix, who shook his head in defiance during the hearing, says his partner has split with him and destroyed all his property, leaving him with nothing.

Recorder Bennett-Jenkins ordered Horrix to remain on licence an extra twelve months when he is released and made an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order and Restraining Order.

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