Monday, 13 March 2017

"Heartbroken" Musician Flouted Court Ban In Bid To Contact Ex

Court Date: Marc Eden 
A well-known Kent musician, left “heartbroken” after his younger model fiancé left him, persistently broke a non-contact court order as he sought an explanation.

Marc Eden, 47, frontman of The Peckham Cowboys, did not know his ex had booked herself into a drug rehabilitation clinic when she suddenly disappeared in April, last year.

On October 7 Croydon Family Court granted 27 year-old Georgia Seager-Hillier a non-molestation order, which prohibited the Margate-born singer contacting her.

Eden, of Granville House, Victoria Parade, Ramsgate pleaded guilty to five counts of breaching the order between December 1, last year and January 29.

He also admitted one count of harassing his ex's mother, 48 year-old Redhill sales executive Lynda Seager-Hillier between December 1, last year and January 30.

Last Friday 
at Croydon Magistrates Court he was placed on a community order for six months and ordered to complete 60 hours community service work.

Eden must also pay £85 costs and an £85 victim surcharge.

The court heard Eden breached the order by trying to contact Georgia via her mother by sending her texts, a voicemail and a facebook messages.

He also posted pictures of Georgia on his facebook account, which was prohibited and harassed her mother by sending multiple unwanted facebook messages.

As Eden arrived at court he was served with a new two-year non-molestation order.

Break-Up: Georgia Seager-Hillier

“If he breaches it he faces up to five years in prison,” said his lawyer Mr. Oliver Kirk. “He was approached by a bailiff as he walked into court and was served with it today.

“He is an older man that fell in love with a younger woman and is heartbroken.

“She disappeared in April, last year and he did not know where she was until he discovered she was in drug rehabilitation while they were engaged.”

The court heard Georgia sent a message to Eden, which read: 'I'll be out of rehab and we will be back together soon.'

“The next thing he knew there was a non-molestation order and he wanted to hear form the horse's mouth why it was all over and knows he's been a pain in the neck.

“There has been no reocurrance since and he will go away with a flea in his ear knowing there is a new beefed-up order until 2019.

“He is currently on sick pay because he has been off work with stress and anxiety.

“He has never been before a court before and this, his first experience of the criminal justice system has been a salutary one indeed.

“When he surrendered himself at Croydon Police Station he found himself held in custody until appearing in court on Saturday morning.

“He has had quite a significant career as a musician and now works works for MENCAP.

“As a result of this conviction conviction his employment may be reviewed because he works with vulnerable adults, teaching them music.

It may effect travel to the USA, where he has gone in the past to record with household names and under the current regime there may not be allowed in.”

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