Monday, 20 March 2017

UK's 'Mr Parking' Caught Filming Up Commuter's Skirt At Railway Station

Troy Arriving At Court 
The CEO of the British Parking Association has quit in disgrace after he was caught filming up a female commuter’s skirt - ending ten months of prowling trains to make such recordings.

Patrick Troy, 56, of Westfield Road, Cheam desperately fiddled with his phone in a bid to delete the recording after he was caught.

He pleaded guilty to committing an act outraging public decency at Vauxhall Station, Lambeth on June 8, last year, namely filming up the skirt of an unknown female.

Today, at Westminster Magistrates Court he was sentenced to eighteen weeks imprisonment, suspended for two years, and banned from taking images on public transport.

He filmed up women’s skirts while commuting into London from his four-bedroom £600,000 home and says getting caught is a “watershed” moment.

The BPA announced on February 22 that Troy had resigned after eight years as CEO with immediate effect for “personal reasons”.

Two weeks later he pleaded guilty and today was also made subject to an indefinite Sexual Harm Prevention Order, (SHPO) prohibiting him taking pictures on public transport.

“The defendant was witnessed recording up an unknown female’s skirt as she walked to platform eight at Vauxhall Railway Station,” explained prosecutor Mr. Malachy Pakenham.

“The defendant was seen holding his phone at an angle below her skirt and the witness saw the red recording light on and a clear image of the skirt and back of the woman’s legs.

“The witness challenged him at platform eight and followed him onto the train where he was seen with his hand in his right pocket fidgeting with something.

“It is thought he was trying to get his phone out to delete the image.

“The police were called and when the train stopped at Clapham Junction he was arrested.

“A number of other images were found on the phone.

“He was interviewed on two occasions and was quite frank and apologetic for his actions, saying he regretted his actions, which disgusted him.

“He said every time he did it, film up skirts, he hated it and saw his arrest as a watershed moment.

Tense: Sentencing Day Has Arrived
“He said it was not a hobby, but when the opportunity presented itself he was tempted as he travelled to and from work. and there were other images.”

Troy tried to explain himself to police: “Sometimes I wonder, I suppose it’s for sexual gratification, I don’t know, that must be the conclusion.”

The court heard he had never been arrested before, but the British Transport Police still applied for the SHPO, which initially included a ban on sitting opposite unknown females, but this condition was dropped.

Troy’s lawyer Mr. Michael Sprack, referring to the probation report, said: “It’s insightful and I endorse the recommendations made possible by my client’s frank admission.

“Firstly he is a man with no previous convictions, a man in his fifties and that weighs heavily.

“Secondly remorse, beyond the guilty plea he made frank admissions in interview and was concerned that the police had as much information as they could.

“There are two letters from a counselling service that my client approached under own initiative.”

Magistrate Mr. John Newgas told Troy: “We’ve read the pre-sentence report, which we find clear and are in agreement with.

“The offence has gone on for a period of ten months and had a range of victims and has reached the custody threshold.”

They reduced the sentence from 24 weeks to 18 weeks due to the guilty plea.

Troy must also comply with a thirty-five day designated activity requirement and up to 100 days on a programme chosen by the probation service.

“This offence is so serious custody is the only option, due to harm and risk,” added Mr. Newgas.

“A suspended sentence is serious. If you commit an offence within twenty-four months the sentence could be reactivated.

“You are on a warning and quite lucky to not be in prison.”   

BPA largest professional association in Europe, representing 700 organisations in the parking and traffic management community

Troy’s background is working with local authorities, regarding parking.

He must also pay £85 costs and a £115 victim surcharge.

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