Monday, 6 March 2017

Cyclist Punched By Angry Driver Who Cut Him Up At Lights

Traffic Lights: Scene Of Attack
A road rage thug punched a cyclist who tapped on his window to complain about being cut-up at traffic lights.

James Ainscough, 41, was driving his mother's blue Honda Jazz when he jumped out shouting: “Don't fucking hit my car,” and threw a right-hander.

The punch connected with cyclist Alexander Storie Barr's right eye, injuring him and Ainscough then picked up the bike and shoved it against the cyclist, breaking the chain.

The jobless builder, of Park Crescent, Twickenham pleaded guilty to assaulting Mr. Storie Barr and causing criminal damage to his bike at the junction of Castelnau and Lonsdale Road, Barnes on August 1, last year.

Prosecutor Miss Ann Barrett told Wimbledon Magistrates Court: “The victim, Mr. Storie Barr, was riding his bike home from work and as he approached the junction to turn right the Honda pulled in front and cut him up.

“He tapped on the window and the defendant got out and threw his right fist, which connected with Mr. Storie Barr's right eye and he threw a punch in self-defence, hitting Ainscough on the chin.

“The defendant then picked-up the bike and pushed it against the victim then threw it to the ground, damaging it by breaking the chain.

“As Mr. Storie Barr walked away he was given a hard shove to the back of his left shoulder and was fearful he would be attacked again or run over.

A witness recorded the incident, which left Mr. Storie Barr with a bruised eye and a graze to his leg.”

Ainscough's lawyer claimed his client was not “habitually violent” despite the court hearing he had a conviction for assault in 1999.

“He was not out looking for trouble and had borrowed his mother's vehicle,” added the lawyer.

“There was a loud banging on the back of the vehicle and the cyclist moved the bike alongside the driver's door and was abusive.

“In his own words the red mist descended and he lost it and threw a punch and is ashamed and embarrassed.

“He has depression, is on medication and that day was a particularly low day.”

District Judge James Henderson told Ainscough: “It's an offence of road rage and you caused injury. It was a frightening experience and he was caused distress.”

Ainscough was fined £100, with £30 costs and ordered to pay the victim £100 compensation, plus a £30 victim surcharge. 

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