Friday, 24 March 2017

Electrician Slashed Own Wires And Threw Cutters At Homeowner During Bitter Money Row

Money: Victor Hawes
An electrician destroyed his own wiring during an angry money row with a customer – throwing the cutters at the homeowner as he left.

Victor Hawes, 48, of St. Albans Road, Kingston-upon-Thames said: “You either pay me or I start cutting wires.”

He walked into Madhur Hemnani's house in Villiers Avenue, Surbiton on September 15, last year, insisting he was owed £400 for work on the property.

The victim says Hawes deliberately cut through ten wires, which has cost him £1500 to replace.

The six-foot seven electrician was convicted at Wimbledon Magistrates Court of criminal damage and assaulting Mr. Hemnani.

The court heard they agreed a £2,000 fee for five days work, which Hawes increased to £2,500 for extra time he said was necessary.

Mr. Hemnani paid £1400 cash and was unsatisfied by what he saw.

None of the wires or circuits were attached to the fuse board and the work was not finished when this incident happened,” he told the court.
Dispute: Madhur Hemnani

He walked in the side door and said: 'I'm here to collect my four hundred pounds.'

He was looking slightly agitated and said he was not interested in a discussion.

I told him that what he was asking was more than was agreed.

He was quite agitated and seemed quite angry and was pointing at me in a threatening manner.

Being confronted by someone substantially bigger felt quite threatening. You are fearful for your property as well as yourself.

He said: 'I'm going to start cutting wires' and barged into the kitchen, went to a tool box and picked-up the wire cutters.

He cut the first wire and said: 'Do you think I'm joking. Do you think I'm kidding?'

He cut six wires and threw the tool on the floor and using profane language, cursing me, walked out of the property. I was quite shocked.

He returned and picked-up the wire cutters again and said: 'I'm not done yet' and cut four more wires this time.
Row: Villiers Ave House

He said: That's ten wires and that should cost you more than the four hundred pounds I was asking for' and in a fit of rage flung the tool towards me.

It flew towards my arm and grazed past me. I had a small scratch on my left elbow.”

Hawes claims he is still owed nearly £1,000 by Mr. Hemnani and only cut five wires and never threw the cutters, but simply dropped them to the floor. 

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