Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Grandmother's Bank Account Raided Of £10K By Druggie Grandson

Sentencing: Isleworth Crown Court
A drug-user, who raided his kindly grandmother's bank account of £10,000 when she helped him out, has received a suspended prison sentence.

Daniel Soper, 34, of Berryscroft Road, Staines-upon-Thames, Surrey persuaded her to hand over her bank card and PIN to buy a few essential items.

He pleaded guilty to fraud by false reprsentation between March 14 and June 1, last year, namely using his grandmother's bank card for unauthorised transactions to make a gain of £10,106.66.

Magistrates committed the case for sentencing at Isleworth Crown Court due to its seriousness and their limited sentencing powers.

This week Soper was sentenced to eighteen months imprisonment, suspended for two years, and ordered to complete 180 hours community service work.

The court made a £1,800 compensation order with Soper promising to repay the balance.

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